Kriste is Shawnee born and raised. We joke that she seems to know every other person who comes in the door. If they weren’t her friend before they came in they usually are before they leave. After working in the human medical field as an OBGYN Nurse, Kriste decided to follow her passion for animals [...]

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Morgan’s love for animals led her to get her degree in veterinary technology. She started her externship in 2014 at Family Pet Hospital and has been there since. She has a quirky, adorable black lab named Midnight who keeps her on her toes. During Morgan’s spare time she likes to hang out with friends, paint, [...]

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Marge's love for animals started at a young age with her bringing home countless strays and injured animals, much to her parents dismay. After working at a local animal shelter for a handful of years, she decided to join the veterinary medicine field and absolutely loves it! Marge's three footed Chihuahua, Olive, and feisty Border [...]

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