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Family Pet

Created by passionate animal welfare focused veterinarians, designed for people who love their pets like family and driven by a deep rooted love of the human-animal bond. You and your family pet deserve nothing less than a committed veterinary partner, welcome to our family as Family Pet Hospital.

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The story of us is a unique one. This is an idea many years in the making by a small group of individuals who have occupied leadership positions in the animal welfare world. People who lived their entire lives knowing that they were put on this earth to make the world a better place for animals. Our stories have intertwined at various points in our career, and have led to this singular moment, to create the kind of veterinary hospital we have dreamt of.


We think deeply about what our pet-loving community needs to maintain optimal health and happiness for your beloved pets; this hospital is our best answer to those questions. We believe this community desires a broader view of health that not only includes gold-standard medical care but also life-style support including behavior and stress management, nutrition consultation and advanced oral health care procedures. This view of whole health we believe sets us apart from traditional veterinary care as does our commitment to grow with your family as the needs of your pet changes over time. Lastly, together, as we build a brighter future for you and your pet family, we will also continue to provide veterinary care for some of the 6.5 million homeless animals that struggle to survive in the United States. We are passionate that all animals deserve the best veterinary care, even homeless animals, and therefore we have developed relationships with local Animal Control, local animal rescues and local shelters to assist in the care for animals without advocates.

Where passion meets purpose

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best care in the world. That is an audacious goal but one that you will see we believe in while every day our family provides you and your family our very best. In 2020 veterinary medicine can be optimized by technology and because of our passion to provide the best we have upgraded all of our technology this year for you and your pet. Family Pet Hospital has transitioned to digital to enhance the ability for you to manage your pet’s health; we now offer digital radiographs, digital dental radiographs, ultrasonography, in-house laboratory equipment, fully stocked pharmacy and electronic communications. Our veterinarians and support staff at Family Pet Hospital are required to seek continued education so that your pet receives the most current therapies. This is the kind of care you expect from your own doctor and we do this because when your pet looks into your eyes they see a hero; we want to help you care for them like one.
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For You and The Community

We are sensitive to the way the modern pet owner works. You’re busy. We get it. You just want to know that you have the right team behind you, with the right tools, with the right philosophy. Part of our vision is to make it easier for you to enjoy the bond you share with your pet. That’s why we offer drop off visits, online booking, skilled and knowledgeable support staff, expanded availability, open late on Saturdays, online pharmacy, in-house diagnostics and collaborative relationships with specialty veterinarians.

At Family Pet Hospital we build relationships; after all, we are family. It’s why we take the time to educate you on the “why” behind our recommendations and give you the tools to make the most informed decisions for your pet family. It’s why we empower you to be at the center of your pet’s plan, because we want to be more than a veterinary hospital, we aspire to be your veterinary partner.


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We Exist For You

We bought this hospital because we love our community and we want to be a special part of our community, because we believe you deserve something truly special too. For over 21 years Dr. Annette Frerking has been at the center of the amazing care that Family Pet Hospital has been known to provide. We intend to maintain that wonderful quality of care and always put you and your pet family first. Our appointments are filling up fast, so please give us a call to schedule yours, we can’t wait to meet you!