Dr. Scott

Dr. Sadie Scott

My empathetic animal-loving tendencies began early in my childhood. I “snuck” home a handful of newborn mice that I found in a pile of logs. I was about ten when I “rescued” them in my glove and revealed them to my father on the drive home from our farm. Dad dropped me off at home sans the glove full of newborn mice so that he could return them to their home, as he said he would; I still believe today that they grew up happy and healthy and lived fulfilled mice lives. During my teens I “snuck” home dumped dogs as we lived in the country and there were a few now and again. I kept one pup hidden in my room for about a week before my parents discovered him. According to my family, there are endless stories from my childhood of rescue missions to save some critter from the perils of our small community.
My parents have always been animal lovers as well so during my childhood we shared our home with cats and dogs and sometimes a couple pet mice or Gerbil and for a few years we had Parakeets, but I always wanted to take care of more. Our neighbors had horses and so around the age of 12 I started feeding and cleaning stalls for them every morning before school. My dad’s friends had beef cattle so we would go help them several times a year to check their herd with their vet. Even our small community knew my love for animals and would include me in the care of their critters when they could. One of the most exciting things I did when I first moved out on my own was to get my very own dog, a senior Chihuahua named Paco. Since Paco I have had the pleasure to love and care for many critters of my own and continue to have a houseful at all times.
My husband’s breed of choice is the English Bulldog, we typically have a couple of our own or a foster bully; at any given moment the cacophony of snores can be heard around our home which is music to our ears. I love our Bullies, every single one of their stubborn personalities, but the dog that has captured my heart is the German Shepherd Dog. I have a middle-aged black, beautiful male GSD, he is one of the most intelligent animals I have had the pleasure to share a connection with; Homer was adopted from Wayside Waifs and is my best buddy. My husband and I also share our home with a Ragdoll and Siamese cats and two Fancy Goldfish. My husband is a patient man that had never really had a loving connection with animals until he married a veterinarian and now Marc is finally experiencing the deep fulfillment we know as the human-animal bond. The transformation from someone that had never had an animal to someone that loves his dog more than his wife, tongue in cheek but it is possible, has been the exact reason why my life is devoted to the welfare of animals as I thrive off nurturing the connection between animals and their humans.
I am a Gardner, Kansas native and a Rockhurst University graduate where I earned my Bachelors in Biology. For nearly 20 years I have been working with animals in Kansas City, I started at Hecker Animal Clinic as a veterinary assistant and then moved to Internal Medicine and Emergency Critical Care as a veterinary assistant at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center (now Blue Pearl Overland Park). During veterinary school I worked in the ICU for the veterinary teaching hospital as an overnight veterinary assistant. I received my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University Of Missouri College Of Veterinary Medicine in 2013 where I was the elected President of the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association and awarded an academic scholarship for my leadership skill with integrity, character and honesty. I then completed a rotating Medicine and Surgical Internship at Mission Animal Referral and Emergency Center (MAREC) in Merriam, Kansas the following year. I remained on staff at MAREC as the daytime Emergency Clinician where I had the unique advantage to work along-side specialists. This was an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as a doctor.

In 2016 I was invited to join the team at Great Plains SPCA as their Chief Veterinarian; this is where my professional passion for homeless animal welfare was fueled and also where we were named “Best Veterinarian” by The Pitch Best of 2016.

After several years as Chief Veterinarian at Great Plains SPCA I was invited to join the Wayside Waifs’ team as Vice President of Veterinary Services where I was able to truly positively impact the lives of homeless animals and the people who love and care for them. My years in the world of animal welfare and sheltering has opened my heart to some of the most generous, kind, dedicated, loving and compassionate people and those years are an absolute blessing to my life.
After several years loving my work at Wayside Waifs I learned of a clinic, less than 3 miles from my house, where I knew the amazing doctor; I learned in the fall of 2018 that clinic was for sale. Fast forward to now and know that I have proudly purchased a veterinary clinic that has been nurtured and loved for over twenty years by a wonderful veterinarian; we have big shoes to fill following Dr. Annette Frerking. As Dr. Frerking transitions into retirement we not only will miss her dearly and wish her well but we also will be dedicated to upholding her high quality of care for her clients, meeting her exceptional standards and continuing to take care of you and your pet family just like we would our own.

Dr. Sadie Scott is currently serving as the elected Vice President of the Kansas City Veterinary Medical Association, the immediate past President of the Kansas City Chapter of Be The Change Volunteers, serves on the Veterinary Advisory Board for Companion Protect, is an active member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, serves on the Legislative Committee for the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association, is an active mentor to veterinary students in their final year of veterinary school and has lectured at a global conference for veterinarians. Dr. Scott and her husband travel once or twice per year to the most remote impoverished regions of the world to build brick-and-mortar schools to provide the infrastructure for education, these educational mission trips are with the non-profit group, Be The Change Volunteers, where establishing hope and education in the poorest communities across the world is our passion.