Atlas Gatten

Practice Manager
Atlas brings a wealth of experience and expertise to their role as Practice Manager at Family Pet Hospital of Shawnee. With a strong background in executive leadership, operational business management, animal welfare and community outreach, Atlas has dedicated their career to improving the lives of animals and the communities they serve.
Prior to joining Family Pet Hospital of Shawnee in 2023, Atlas held key leadership positions including Director of Community Programs at KC Pet Project and Chief Operating Officer at Spay and Neuter Kansas City. In these roles, they spearheaded initiatives aimed at promoting pet retention, supporting pet ownership, increasing access to veterinary care, and advocating for animal welfare and animal wellness through progressive programming. Previous to being involved in veterinary medicine and animal welfare, Atlas pursued a career in the arts and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Kansas City Art Institute

Atlas is seen as a thought-leader in the animal welfare community and has received national recognition for their innovation in shelter intervention programs, supporting over 17,000 pets over the course of three years in the Greater Kansas City area.

Atlas is a trained and certified Animal Reiki practitioner, demonstrating their commitment to holistic approaches to animal care and well-being. Their passion for fostering healing connections between animals and humans is evident in their work and interactions.

Outside of work, Atlas enjoys nurturing their collection of houseplants, immersing themselves in music and art, and spending quality time with their personal community and, of course, their beloved pets. Their dedication to the well-being of animals extends beyond the workplace and into their personal life, where they strive to create a harmonious and enriching environment for all living things.

Atlas holds a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Kansas City Art Institute. Atlas has dedicated their time to many causes including volunteering with and supporting organizations such as Human-Animal Support Services, Game Dog Guardian, and Veg Life Kansas City.

With their unique blend of professional and lived experience, compassionate approach, and dedication to animal welfare and community, Atlas Gatten is a valued leader in the veterinary community, dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of animals and the people who love them.